Pastoring as Mothering

Understanding the meaning of ‘pastoring’ in today’s demanding, evolving social climate is not only necessary, it is an urgent imperative. The job is confusing and difficult even on normal days. Also, research indicates that those who have the clearest call are more likely to experience burnout and eventually leave the ministry.[1]

The One Thing

In the 1991 western comedy, City Slickers, Mitch Robbins (played by Billy Crystal) meets a grizzled cowboy named Curly Washburn (played by Jack Palance). Mitch and his two pals are being led by Curly on a two-week cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado. Mitch hopes the excursion will give him a chance to find some purpose in his life. (more…)

What American Evangelicals Miss: Reflections on the Lausanne YLG2016 Conference

From August 3-11, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia, over 1000 experienced younger leaders from 150 countries came together for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering. The last one was in Malaysia in 2006. The Younger Leaders Gathering happens once a generation, and the theme for this one was “United in the Great Story.” (more…)

The Gift of Interruption Inspires Laundry Love

Greg Russinger, MA student at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, believes the best of life is not necessarily what happens when we follow carefully established plans, but what happens when something derails us. “A life interrupted is a life inspired” is his personal motto. Interruptions, Russinger believes, can reorient us toward new ways of perceiving ourselves, others, and God. His own life shows this: T-Bone, a homeless friend in Ventura, California, once told Russinger, “If I had clean clothes, I think people would treat me like a human being.” These words interrupted Russinger. Doesn’t every human deserve to be treated like one? (more…)

A Weary Traveler’s Confession and Reflection: The Story our ‘Bodies’ Tell

A couple of months ago I was sitting on an airplane into the 21st hour of what was supposed to be an 8 hour trip, making a confession to myself. The evening before we weary 170+ passengers had finally debarked in Seattle – not Portland where we were supposed to land, but couldn’t because of weather. We were a sorry mess. (more…)

A global experience to understand our local context: what on earth is happening in the UK?

GFES students are about to enter a genuine global experience

George Fox Leadership and Global Perspectives Doctor of Ministry (LGP DMin) students will be travelling to London and Oxford this September as part of their global experience. They will be arriving in interesting times inasmuch as the UK recently just voted to leave the European Union. (more…)

Burned Out or Beloved?

Pure and Undefiled – Religion that Challenges Political Stance

We skim through the most recent broadcasts, searching for some sense of normalcy and decorum. However, we’re left with sadomasochistic Reality TV. Each candidate entertains our senses and tantalizes our addiction for scandal and intrigue. We purchase our tickets, grab our cotton candy and enter into the circus tent. The curtains close and we’re transported. Each act inches us to the edge of our seat and each quip distracts us away from the tragedies of reality. In that moment, we indulge in the fallacies of our preconceptions – in that movement we escape reality in order to excuse our apathy. In that moment, we create Christianity in our own image. (more…)

Make Me an Instrument

Nothing to Solve, Fix, or Figure Out