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Tom Davis

Creating a Life You Won’t Regret

What is most important to you in life? After years have passed, will you have lived for what really mattered? Sadly, many people will ask these questions too late because they weren’t internally driven and they didn’t take the time to create a life they really wanted.  Our society has become one gigantic scare tactic […]

It’s Almost Impossible to Change without Knowing This

One of the most difficult things for me to do is change my behavior. As a leadership coach, I’ve found this to be a common theme for most people – it can seem impossible to change what we’ve always done. Is there a way to get rid of bad habits we’ve acquired over the years […]

Does God Want Me To Be Happy?

How Positive Psychology Can Help Strengthen Your Faith For most of my life I have struggled with negativity. I wanted to be positive and life-giving, but kept falling into negative traps I had set for myself – traps I didn’t even realize were there. I grew up in a broken home and my life was […]

How Positivity Made One Man the Most Successful Soccer Coach in History

Sir Alex Ferguson is the famed soccer coach (football coach to the rest of the world) of Manchester United. He is one of the most successful and longest serving managers in football, coaching over a quarter of a century – 26 years to be exact – and winning 38 trophies. No one holds a candle to his track […]

Stop Everything and Do This for Success in 2016

When you’ve had success, what did you do? When I look back at most of the significant successes I’ve had in life, I’ve discovered there’s a secret to the success. It’s likely something all of us have done every single time we’ve had a major win. You didn’t stumble on it and it wasn’t an […]

How Positive Emotions Can Save Your Holidays

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – but sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it. The holidays can pose the biggest challenge for being the kind of people we want to be and maintaining a positive mindset. So what is there to do? What can we focus on this year that has the power […]