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Sierra Neiman

Eight Days on The Camino

By Sierra Neiman Westbrook “I’m lost.” Susan Anquist remembers admitting this on the fifth day of her journey on the Camino de Santiago. Anquist, a recent Portland Seminary student who graduated with an MA in Spiritual Formation, says pilgrimage has long been an apt metaphor for how she views her journey with God. When Anquist […]

Wandering But Not Lost

“It looks like all the light is out of you.” Joe Hardenbrook faced a multitude of care concerns in his position as Head of Care Ministry at a church of 7,000 in Las Vegas. But hearing truth in these words from a concerned friend, Hardenbrook knew this time he needed to pursue his own care, […]

The Gift of Interruption Inspires Laundry Love

Greg Russinger, MA student at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, believes the best of life is not necessarily what happens when we follow carefully established plans, but what happens when something derails us. “A life interrupted is a life inspired” is his personal motto. Interruptions, Russinger believes, can reorient us toward new ways of perceiving ourselves, […]

Rolling Oasis Grocers Connects Neighbors, Cares for the Earth, and Models Shalom

Portlander Brandon Rhodes delivers organic vegetables by bicycle. His venture “has the fixings of some stereotype of Portland,” Rhodes admits with a laugh, yet Rolling Oasis Grocers is not a mere Portlandia-esque hipster gig. Rhodes, who holds a DMin from GFES, found the inspiration for Rolling Oasis when he clarified his vision as putting down […]

Hansen Finds Ministry Fit in Her Own Neighborhood

“God never ceases to amaze,” says Jodi Hansen. Hansen, executive director of Love INC (In the Name of Christ) in Newberg, Ore., is speaking of seeing a $150,000 budget have an impact of $1,500,000, or witnessing an ecumenical group of leaders unite in their desire to serve the people Jesus calls “the least of these.” […]

Roger Nam’s Sabbatical Offers Real Life Exploration

By Sierra Neiman “In 586 B.C.E. Israel went into exile.” Because of Roger Nam’s effusive enthusiasm for the Hebrew Bible, when he speaks these words one hears them like a child hears “once upon a time” at the beginning of a tale brimming with potential.

Just One Small Push [Cart] Starts a Ministry

by Sierra S. Neiman Dotting Highway 30A, the roughly 30-mile stretch between Destin and Panama City, Florida, are “mom-and-pop” businesses, celebrity beach houses, and—in recent times—people cooling off with sweet avocado-lime ice pops from Swell Pops. David Huffman and wife Haylee Huffman, both GFES alumna, launched Swell Pops in January 2014 with a pile of […]