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Nijay Gupta

Does Your Heart Break Like a Samaritan?

Over the last several days I have been haunted by the hateful thoughts and acts around me related to the different “other.” The question keeps ringing in my ears – what can I do, how can I help? I have contacted leaders in my area. I have tried to teach my children about Christian generosity […]

Advent Lament: The Falwell Threat and the Apostolic Mission (Power and Suffering in the Acts of the Apostles)

My heart has been very heavy for the past few days, especially after hearing Jerry Falwell Jr.’s remarks recently in an address to the Liberty University students where he promoted the carrying of concealed weapons especially to “end muslims” if they pose a threat on campus. My immediate instinct was to say – this is […]

Surprise Festschrift for Telford and Barton!

by Nijay Gupta This SBL was a very special one for me – my co-editor (Kristian Bendoraitis) and I presented a surprise Festschrift (a “writing in celebration”) to my doktorvater Dr. Stephen C. Barton (University of Durham). The FS offers essays jointly in honor of Dr. Barton and Dr. William R. Telford (also retired Durham faculty).