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Laura Simmons

I have wanted to be a teacher since high school, when I was blessed to learn from some great teachers. I've been thinking about how to teach since college, when I was first exposed to the idea of different learning styles. When I finished my doctoral degree, I wrote letters to all the teachers who had influenced me from grade school to grad school, sharing my memories of their classes. I realized, in looking at what had been important to me as a student, that experiences of 'learning beyond lecture' were central: re-enacting the Continental Congress, putting Frankenstein's monster on trial, investigating the death of Dorothy L. Sayers...learning by doing, learning outside the classroom. When I teach, I hope to create a space in which God can move and students can learn through experience.

On the Joys of Archival Research (seriously!)

by Laura K. Simmons Last week, I got to visit the archive where I did my doctoral research, the Marion E. Wade Center in Illinois. Located on the campus of Wheaton College, the Wade Center houses many of the papers related to seven authors: Dorothy L. Sayers, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Joy Davidman, […]