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Chris Lapp

Chris resides in Edmonds, Washington with his wife Samantha, their son Dietrich and dog Paisley. Chris earned his Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently pursing his Doctorate from George Fox Evangelical Seminary where he is studying the ancient Christian tradition of Agape Feasts and looking to connect this ancient practice in the modern world.

The Lenten Journey: Good Friday Lessons from the Wilderness

I was at an event for work a few weeks back with a co-worker named Cary. We were assigned to man a booth together and although I had met Cary before I didn’t know him well. After a few hours of sitting together, we learned a lot about each other and we learned that we […]

The Lenten Journey: The Whole Ball of Wax

I grew up in Ballard First Lutheran Church; a beautiful old Scandinavian church in Seattle. I have memories playing tag in the halls, being an acolyte and lighting the same alter candles that are they today. In fact, I was confirmed in that church, grew up in the youth group, had sleepovers where we played in the sanctuary […]