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Clifford Berger

Clifford Berger is Associate Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at George Fox University. Cliff enjoys travel, and playing acoustic instruments and listening to music. He and his wife are the parents of two young adults, both graduates of George Fox University.

The Right Not to Bear Arms

I have owned at least one firearm for nearly fifty years, since I bought my first gun, a .22 single shot Ithaca rifle from the Sears catalog in 1968, at age 11 (yes, you could get mail-order guns in those days). We lived on a farm, so there were places I could shoot it safely. […]

What is a Doctor of Ministry?

What is a doctor? For some, a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) first comes to mind – a person with training and expertise in healing and health. For others it may bring to mind a teacher or scholar, or one skilled in an art or craft (see Oxford English Dictionary definitions and etymology). We generally understand […]