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Colleen Batchelder

Colleen Batchelder Christian Speaker, Blogger and Entrepreneur. She currently is creating LOUD Conference, an event for millennials featuring millennials. The event is also tied into her Monday night interviews, called #Millennial Mondays, which features world-changers from this generation from all over the world. She is a GFU doctoral candidate, studying for her DMin in Leadership and Global Perspectives. When she’s not pouring over books, you can find her enjoying a nice Chai Latte, exploring NYC or traveling to a new and exotic destination.

Pure and Undefiled – Religion that Challenges Political Stance

We skim through the most recent broadcasts, searching for some sense of normalcy and decorum. However, we’re left with sadomasochistic Reality TV. Each candidate entertains our senses and tantalizes our addiction for scandal and intrigue. We purchase our tickets, grab our cotton candy and enter into the circus tent. The curtains close and we’re transported. […]

The Lenten Journey: “Christ Came”

Each Facebook status declares our abstinence – bearing the glamour of false pride and modern spirituality. We sit around and stare at blank screens – scrolling through the list of piety – measuring our choices against others. Are we fasting enough? Are we looking holy enough?

Advent Lament: Peace that Passes Understanding

They gazed upon the vast sky – each star tempting them with a glimpse of heaven – daring them to see past their doubt and into eternity. In the cool crisp air, they waited – waited in the stillness of the midnight sky – waited with a sense of wonder. God’s glory touched man – […]