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Bo Sanders

Wrapping up a PhD at Claremont in Practical Theology: Religious Education. I am fascinated with the intersection of Theology & Culture. Co-conspirator at The Loft LA serving a church in West LA. Bo was born in Ohio, learned to talk in Georgia, was raised in Chicago and went to High School in Saskatchewan, Canada. He married a girl from Montana, they moved to New York for a year and then went to college in Redding, California. Their first church was in Saratoga, NY and before Claremont, California they lived in the Pacific Northwest where Bo got his master’s degree in Portland. They have been married for 22 years. As a couple, they go to used bookstores, cook slow meals together, and watch PBS. Life and ministry have led them on adventures in over 21 countries.

Advent Lament: You Don’t Have to Pretend This Advent

by Bo Sanders In light of global current events, we are launching a series at The Seminary Blog titled Advent Lament for this Christmas season. What is the place of lament in “the most wonderful time of the year”? We are holding these in tension: Joy and sorrow. Hope and despair. Arrival and displacement. Welcome to our Advent […]