Final Stop: Hong Kong

On my last day in China I flew to Hong Kong to spend the day with David Liu and to meet an executive friend of his for dinner at the Jockey Club. Dr. Liu and his family developed a significant business in Hong Kong, and he still maintains a residence there. I am very glad that he has decided to join our business faculty at George Fox.

With David Liu in Hong Kong

This summer’s trip to China marked the first time President Baker had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, where he was hosted by George Fox business professor David Liu.

Although I have been to China numerous times, I had never visited Hong Kong. As you may know, Hong Kong is part of China and has been so for about 15 years now. What I discovered, though, is that it is really an international city – Cantonese is the main language, but because the British controlled the city for so many years English is much more normative than on the mainland.

When I visit someplace I always like to look for any apparent historical roots of Christianity or the church. David took me into the Salvation Army center that had an exhibit that contained a historical artifact that discussed the coming of Christianity to China in the eighth century A.D. from India. Although that particular incursion of Christianity into China failed, it did show the importance of the evangelistic mission of the Christian faith and its reach. We also had an opportunity to visit a very active Anglican church that was being revitalized in the middle of the city of Hong Kong.

My visit to Hong Kong was very positive, and we made some initial steps in relationships with a businessperson there. Dr. Liu, thank you for taking the time to graciously host me and show me such a spectacular city!

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