The Q Conference, Day 2

Driving into Portland from Newberg is always challenging (at least in terms of time and traffic), and I sometimes wonder whether the time spent will be worth the hassle. The Q Conference has certainly been one of those events that has been valuable to me. Today, as I entered the Crystal Ballroom, Steve Moore, the executive director of the Murdock Trust, greeted me and said he had wondered if he would meet me here today. The conference has drawn pastors, trust leaders, educators, business persons, artists and people from almost every walk of life who are interested in discussing the necessary intersection of Christianity and culture.

In that context, it would have been interesting to listen to last night’s session (I missed the evening work) because it featured a dialogue between the mayor of Portland and key leaders talking about the role of the church in the life of the city. Several years ago, that type of conversation would have been difficult to imagine. Q brings people together to talk that do not often work together.

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