Challenges in Digitizing Large Archival Collections: Lecture by GFU Prof. Steve Delamarter on Imaging Ethiopic Manuscripts

George Fox University Seminary Professor Steve Delamarter discussed the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project (EMIP) May 22 in the University of Oregon’s Knight Library’s Browsing Room.


Dr. Delamarter lecturing at the University of Oregon

Dr. Delamarter described how technical and organizational challenges factored into managing a large digital humanities project with more than 20 collaborators.

Dr. Delamarter started the EMIP in spring 2005 with the goal of helping preserve images of Ethiopia’s manuscript heritage and making them available for scholarly study.

In the past six years EMIP has digitized around 9,400 manuscripts in North America and Ethiopia, and others in Kenya and England. Of these manuscripts, about 1,200 are Arabic. Most are in Ethiopic and Amharic.

Dr. Delamarter demonstrating a scanning station used for imaging manuscripts

The lecture was sponsored by the UO Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) with additional support from the African Studies Program, Arabic Studies, and the Department of Religious Studies.

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