Who the heck is Zurishaddai? Try “Who’s Who in the Old Testament”

For those times when you need a quick authoritative biography of someone mentioned in the Old Testament, take a look in Who’s Who In The Old Testament from Routledge:

“This comprehensive and easy-to-use A-Z work brings vividly to life the thousands of characters in the Old Testament in nearly 3,000 extensive entries. Coverage includes a complete historical, geographical and archaeological context of each subject, as well as an extensive chronology and detailed section on the Apocrypha.”

A great way to expand your bible knowledge, pad your list of References for a paper, or help with a killer crossword puzzle.

So just who IS Zurishaddai, you ask?  Here’s the entry:


( Heb. ‘my rock is the Almighty’) c . 13 century bc . Father of Shelumiel who represented his tribe of Simeon when Moses selected one chief of each tribe to help him take a census of the children of Israel fit for military service. [ ]

There are many other interesting and accessible titles in our Routledge Religion Online e-book collection.  Browse by title or subject.

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