Recent Copyright Articles You Should Read

copyright-150Five recent articles related to Copyright that caught our attention:

9 Things You Should Know About Copyright and Fair Use on YouTube, 11/9/2012
“Copyright gives creators of original works the exclusive rights to it. In some cases, you could use other people’s work in your videos without their permission; in other cases you need permission. Whatever you do with your videos, you should check out these nine tips that YouTube creators should know when it comes to copyright.”

YouTube’s New and Improved Content ID System
Intellectual Property Brief, 10/21/2012
“YouTube leads the video-sharing market with an average of 50 million videos uploaded per day. Years ago, in an effort to curtail the improper use of copyrighted material, YouTube established Content ID, a content management system which automatically detects infringed upon copyright material.”

New Twitter policy lets users see tweets pulled down for copyright
Gigaom, 11/4/2012
“Twitter has changed the way it responds to DMCA copyright notices. Rather than removing tweets, it is “withdrawing” them instead. This helps show when and why tweets go missing, and also brings new transparency to the DMCA process.”

Google: Copyright removal requests spike to 2.5 million per week
The Hill, 12/11/2012
“The number of copyright removal requests sent to Google has risen to more than 2.5 million per week from 250,000 in six months, Google Legal Director Fred von Lohmann said in a company blog post. He said the number spiked after it launched its copyright removals feature in May.”

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