Oregon Criminal Justice Data

Oregon Department of Corrections Research and Statistics:

Access fascinating information on offender populations, program performance and policy impact, both at the county and state level.

Categories of data include recidivism rates, mandatory minimum sentencing, compliance with inmate work requirements, offender populations, inmate drug test results, prison population by age and gender, and lots more.

May 2012 Data

  • Recidivism Rate: 26.5%
    (defined as parole/post prison supervision offenders convicted of new felony within three years of release)
  • Average Cost per Inmate per Day: $84.81
  • Median Length of Stay: 65.64 months
  • Prison Population Growth
    • April 1981: 2,579
    • July 2012: 14,187

Other data provide insight into the number of inmates with mental health needs, education needs, substance abuse problems, developmental disabilities, etc.

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