Amicus: Harvard’s Civil Rights Law Review

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Amicus is a new online supplement to Harvard’s Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review, and focuses on internet-based civil rights and civil liberties scholarship. It has an unfussy, attractive design that makes it easy to see what’s new on the site. The site is divided up into “Recent Developments”, “Policy Pieces”, and “CR-CL Conversations”. There is an online archive available to keep track of the latest articles and posts. The “Introduction” by John Palfrey, about new public spaces online, is an excellent and accessible article on why the privacy and speech problems of people’s heavily digital lives should not be focused on to the exclusion of the “opportunities afforded by life in these new public spaces online.” The “Policy Piece”, “Making Employment Civil Rights Real” thoroughly explains the shortcomings of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and proposes several options that would help workers get the equal opportunity Title VII was supposed to provide.

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