Most Frequently Used Databases at GFU

We librarians love statistics.  All sorts.  Especially statistics about libraries.

When it comes to the libraries here at GFU, we like to know such information as the average number of items circulated by subject area, which specific books have circulated most/least over time, which pages on our website get the most traffic, how many items we borrowed from other libraries, etc.

One especially interesting statistic is which of our many databases gets used the most.  We wonder whether the most-used ones have the friendliest interface, or the best content, or the most inviting name, or a good reputation, or just what exactly causes them to be so popular.

At any rate, here’s the most-searched library databases at GFU so far in 2011, with total number of searches:

  1. Academic Search Premier (113,676)
  2. ATLAS Full-Text Plus (46,564)
  3. Business Source Complete (44,389)
  4. Education Research Complete (37,397)
  5. CINAHL with Full Text (33,484)
  6. PsycARTICLES (28,937)
  7. SocIndex with Full Text (26,526)
  8. ERIC (25,738)
  9. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Coll. (24,186)
  10. Medline (20,126)

Clearly Academic Search Premier is doing something right, with 2.44 times the number of searches as the runner-up.

If your favorite database isn’t listed at all, it may be your own darn fault.  If you spend just a few hours each day running searches you can personally bring it up in the rankings.

Happy Searching!


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