The Economist: Audio and Video

The audio and video segments of the Economist online are plentiful, and free. There is no need to register to start listening or watching. Furthermore, there is a very handy feature that allows a visitor to add a segment to their playlist, if they are overwhelmed by all the great choices and don’t want to forget to hear them all. On the left side of the screen, visitors can choose view their options by “video”, “audio”, or “subject”. Subject includes categories such as “Asia”, “The Americas”, “Books and Arts”, and “Science and technology”. These topics can also be found in the link entitled “From the Audio Edition”. The link entitled “Videographics” is a unique feature that should appeal to visual learners, as it uses animated graphics, charts or graphs, rather than photographs or film, to explain a newsworthy concept, such as “A short, recent history of Congo” or “Explaining the Money Markets”. Visitors should not miss the video segments called “Kal’s cartoons”, the link to which is found on the left hand side menu. In these videos, the political cartoonist for the magazine explains various features of his cartoons. “Kal on Thatcher” explains how he drew the former Prime Minister and why. Same goes for “Kal on Bill” and “Kal on Reagan”. “The Debate We’d Like To See” with Obama and Hillary Clinton as game show contestants and Regis Philbin as the host may no longer be current, but it is laugh out loud funny, nonetheless.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2009.

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