Key Indicators Interactive Database

Pew Global Attitudes Project Key Indicators Database

The Pew Global Attitudes Project has conducted a myriad of research projects over the past decade. With their team of researchers, they have asked people around the world about their opinion of China, their confidence in the president of the United States, and other such matters. Recently, the Project group created this interactive database which allows users to explore public opinion trends in 55 countries on these, and many other, topics. On the homepage, visitors are presented with an interactive map of the world, and they can click away to their heart’s delight to locate the results of the public opinion polls. The results can be displayed in map, table, or chart formats, and visitors can also create their own custom analysis between countries. Also, visitors are welcome to use the “Questions by Topic” tab to explore different themes and they can also click on the “About the Database” area to learn more about the countries surveyed and find out about the sample sizes by years.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2009.

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