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Science Today is a one minute, five-times a week, radio program carried on CBS affiliates and produced by the University of California. The website for Science Today provides the program on demand, in audio and text, as well as the “archives” for the program. The topics covered are vast from “breakthroughs in medicine, agriculture and the environment to insights into the world around us.” Visitors interested in reading longer articles about scientific breakthroughs should look at the “Features” section of the site. The “Features” go all the way back to 2007, and are offered weekly. The range of topics is fascinating, relevant and varied; visitors might just find they have whiled away an afternoon reading these well-written articles about assorted scientific breakthroughs. Visitors can read an article entitled “Pregnancy Hormone Predicts Postpartum Depression”, or “Stand or Run?” about new research on the right course to take if one encounters a mountain lion. The article “Hybrid Cars are Harder to Hear” explains the increased risk to pedestrians’ safety.

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