Freshwater and Marine Image Bank

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Freshwater and Marine Image Bank

The University of Washington Libraries has digitized 21,000 images of freshwater and marine life taken from 1735-1924 that populated various publications about the topic. Some of the publications include 18th and 19th century books with hand-colored images, stereographs, and publications of the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries and related agencies that contain a slew of illustrations. On the far right hand side of the homepage is a list of 24 sample subject areas that the images fall into, including “aquaculture”, “mollusks”, “polar subjects”, and “water birds”. Visitors wishing to see the complete list of subjects should click on “Browse Subjects”, in the top right of the homepage. The “Other Sources” link at the bottom right hand side of the page has links to over a dozen other websites that contain digitized freshwater and marine images, such as “Sea Lamprey Images”, “Shoreline Aerial Photos”, and “Reef Snapshots”, just to name a few.

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