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An Act of Congress dated 10 August 1846 established the Smithsonian Institution as a trust instrumentality of the United States, created a Board of Regents, and called for a building to house a museum with geological and mineralogical cabinets, a chemical laboratory, a gallery of art, lecture rooms, and a library.

Interesting facts about The Smithsonian Libraries:

  • Has 20 branch libraries, more than 1.5 million volumes, including 40,000 rare books.
  • Manuscripts: 2,109 linear feet
  • Microfilm and -fiche Items: 190,207
  • Journal Subscriptions: 5,534
  • Electronic Journals/Databases:  2,667
  • Catalog Records in Online Catalog: 757,267
  • Website Use, Annual Hits: 103,877,548
  • Website Use, Annual, Visitor Sessions: 3,425,485

You can find the Smithsonian Institution Libraries Homepage here.

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