Monastic Matrix

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Monastic Matrix

One of the aims of the Monastic Matrix website is to disseminate research to both lay people and scholars about the “participation of Christian women in the religion and society of medieval Europe.” Now housed as part of the University of Southern California’s Digital Archives, this website allows visitors to view artwork, archaeology, stained glass, architecture, and textiles. By clicking on the link “Figurae” on the right hand side menu, visitors can browse these digital images by “title”, “century”, “community”, and “image type”. The “Beata Antonia”, found by browsing “community”, treats viewers to many beautiful 16th century Italian frescos. After visitors have had their fill of images, they might try the “Commentaria” section, which contains modern scholarly analyses. They should also take a look at the “Cartularium” which is a digital library of primary sources. Although many of the documents are in Latin, French, or other languages, some have been translated into English.

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