Research Starters for Sociology

GFU students now have access to Research Starters – Sociology

Research Starters™ – Sociology provides students with a solid foundation for their research and assignments, as well as overview information on topics relevant to their studies. Comprehensive summaries of discipline-specific topics help students to grasp the broad outlines of a subject, realize its real world applications, critically engage it, and locate sources for advanced research. Articles average 3,000 words, providing concise yet more in-depth content than most textbook or encyclopedia entries.

Research Starters – Sociology contains Abstracts, a Keyword List of words pertinent to the articles, an Overview to explain various topics’ relevance to sociology, Further Insights/Applications to demonstrate how the points discussed in the overview can be applied to everyday or academic issues in sociology, a Viewpoints/Issues/Discourse section to help the reader develop a critical perspective on a topic, a glossary of Terms & Concepts, a Bibliography and a Suggested Reading list.

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