Finding Foreign Language Materials at the Library

One way to find foreign language materials at the library is by using Foxtrax to browse.

1. Go to Foxtrax
2. Select the “Subject” search
3. Subject search – Spanish Language, French Language, etc.
4. Scroll through areas of interest: dictionaries, idioms, bilingual, readers etc.

Another option is to use the Advanced search features of Foxtrax.

1. From the library homepage, click on “Advanced search” for Foxtrax
2. Enter a term in the search box (or) to view all GFU library materials in a particular language simply substitute your search term for an asterisk “*”.)
3. Scroll down to the “Language” limiter and select your language of choice (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean)
4. Submit your search and only materials in the selected language(s) will be displayed

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