We Choose the Moon

We Choose The Moon


It’s a few hours before the launch of Apollo 11, and there’s quite a bit of work still to be done. The buzz of the crowds nearby waiting for take-off can be a bit distracting, and fortunately you have a crack team onboard, including Neal Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. The excitement and promise of that famous mission can be relived via this extraordinary site created by AOL and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Visitors can make their way through the eleven stages of the mission, complete with audio transmissions from the flight, image galleries, additional video clips, and some tremendous visualizations of the craft in flight. Using the “Mission Tracker” feature, visitors can move through the stages as they see fit, and they can also change the size of the display and toggle the sound on and off. In the lower-left hand corner, visitors can view information about the distance from earth, spacecraft weight, and the velocity of the spacecraft. Persons interested in space missions and Apollo 11 in particular will be entranced by this site, and even those who aren’t will be impressed by this site’s overall appearance and design.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2009. http://scout.wisc.edu/

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