About Scholarly Journals

Not sure if the periodical is popular or scholarly?  Here are the typical characteristics of scholarly periodicals/journals:
•    Often have an ABSTRACT before the article
•    Always cite their sources with FOOTNOTES or BIBLIOGRAPHIES
•    Have a SERIOUS/SOBER look without glossy pages or exciting photos
•    Are written by a SCHOLAR or researcher in the field not an editor or REPORTER
•    Provide the CREDENTIALS of the author
•    May explain the research METHODOLOGIES
•    Target the audience of professors, researchers and students
•    Use the LANGUAGE of the discipline that is being covered
•    Are typically published by ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS or scholarly or professional societies and organizations

If you want to find out more information about a particular periodical, including whether or not it is scholarly, go to our online subscription to Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, the most comprehensive source for bibliographic and descriptive information on periodicals.

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