New Search Page on Credo Reference

The basic search page of Credo Reference (located in the library’s “Database A-Z” list) has added new features:

  1. An image-only search
  2. A featured content section
  3. An indication of the content you may find in Credo

Searching Credo’s 200,000+ images is easier. From the Search page, select the “Image Search” tab and enter your search term to view related images. You can also access the “concept map” by clicking the “Concept Search” tab.

The “Featured Content” area will spotlight interesting searches and content related to current events and will be updated regularly.

If you prefer a simpler search interface, just click the ‘Hide’ button to collapse the Featured Content section.

The search page now includes suggestions for how to use Credo.  Under ‘Use Credo Reference to find’, you can click through to all encyclopedias, dictionaries and biographical titles or get quick access to the measurements conversion tool.

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