Search the deep web with search engine, Surfwax.  Sort your results by relevance, alphabet, or source.  Use the “focus” feature to find the best words for your search or to find alternate topics, phrases, or concepts to consider for your query.  “Snap” to your search result and see all of the snippets of text in the result that contain your search terms (shown in bold).  (This reminds me of ChunkIt! which I will share with you later.)  Surfwax also offers blog, RSS title, and Wikipedia specific searching and a shopping discovery tool.  It’s “News Accumulator” has collected 50,000 topics from 4,200 news sources that you can explore.  On the downside, there are no advanced search options and I found the full-text search to be very slow.  I think that the “focus” feature is great although vocabulary is limited and there is no “focus” option from the main search page so you have to run a search first and then the “focus” button appears.  Over all I think that this is a search engine that is worth putting on your list.  Play around with it when you have a chance and let me know what you think.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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