LabCAST: The MIT Media Lab Video Podcast

The Media Lab at MIT has worked on all kinds of projects involving industrial design, nanotechnology, sturdy low-cost laptops, and so on. Their LabCAST site takes things to a new level, as visitors can check in on their latest endeavors via a set of video podcasts. The site has already won a Webby Award, and after visitors take a quick glance around, they’ll see why. Currently the site has over 35 podcasts that include such titles as “The Psychology of the Guitar”, “Urban Pixels”, and “RoboScooter”. One podcast that shouldn’t be missed is “Storied Navigation”. This particular podcast profiles a rather intriguing approach to constructing a story based on a collection of digital video and audio. Visitors can also elect to subscribe via RSS feed to receive new LabCASTs as they are released.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2009.

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