For Our International Students

As a service to the international students we have added some new content to the library website.  We hope that these new resources will provide a helpful starting point for our international students as they learn to use the library and its services.  Included in this new library resource are links to glossaries of library terminology in five languages, a detailed section on plagiarism, how to get help at the library, an introduction to using the catalog and databases to find books and articles, links to library materials by language, and more.

In addition, we have enabled a language feature in all EBSCO databases that allows users to select another language for the database interface.   Students can now opt to see things like the search limiters and the drop down menu choices in their native language.  It is our hope that this newly enabled EBSCO feature will provide a more comfortable tool for our international students as they use the databases for their research needs.  Instructions on this new language feature are available in the newly available library web content for international students under the section, “Database language features“.

You can find the new page “Information and resources for international students” by going to the Services tab on the library website and clicking on the link “For international students”.

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