Online college-sport issues journal

Journal of Issues in Collegiate Athletics

Created as an initiative by the College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) the
Journal of Issues in Collegiate Athletics is “intended to foster an
atmosphere that encourages personal and intellectual growth for faculty and
students, demands excellence and professional integrity from faculty and
student affiliates, supports independent critical college-sport research,
and advocates for college athletes’ rights and education.” Visitors to the
site can look over information about their editorial board and staff, their
complete mission statement, and then make their way to the actual journal.
The publication was started in 2008, and visitors can view articles such as
“Collegiate Sport Chaplaincy: Problems and Promise” and “Can the Faculty
Reform Intercollegiate Athletics?  A Past, Present, and Future Perspective”.
The site is rounded out by a listing of links to related organizations,
conferences, and online resources. [KMG]

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