Want to try a search engine that allows you to search from multiple search engines at once?  You might want to give a chance.  This is a meta-search engine that searches up to 14 search engines for you at one time in order to find, hopefully, the best results for you.  Its search includes Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Ask, Looksmart, About and Open Directory.  You can always search directly from your address bar by using the formula:, examples— or  Above the search box you will see various search types that you can choose, for instance, if you select “Research” then you will be automatically focusing your search to online reference sources like encyclopedia and dictionaries.  There are other areas by which to focus your search: images, videos, news, audio and many more.  Note that advanced search options at are called “Search Wizard” which shows up next to the “Find” button after you run the first search.  Here you can specify a domain search and use a few other search options.

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