Deep Web pt. 4

According to various experts (Bergman, 2000) (Zillman, 2003) the deep Web has:
•    Tremendously higher quality of content
•    84%-95% publicly accessible content
•    A plethora of topic specific databases—more than 50% of the deep web consists of these
When you are searching the deep Web, you are searching in real time, not relying on the stored indexes of the search engine.

So how do you get into the deep Web?  Here are some tips for finding the good stuff.

1.    When you are using a general search engine like Yahoo! Or Google, enter your search term(s) and then include the word “database” or “directory” in your search query.

2.    Use a directory of databases or a topic specific directory called a pathfinder.  The Internet Public Library is a good pathfinder to start with,

Here are some online directories to explore:

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