Deep Web pt. 3

The content of the deep Web is generally considered to be of higher quality than that of the surface web (Bergman, 2000) because the information tends to come from large databases that are more likely to be created and maintained by professionals and experts.  Therefore, the internet searcher can, by accessing the deep Web; tap into established authoritative resources directly instead of merely being directed to popularly indexed Websites.

SEARCH HINT: When you are performing a search, use the advanced search features to request that only PDF, WORD or PowerPoint documents be included.  This will limit your results to documents that are more likely to come from sources on the deep Web—professionals, experts and scholars who have taken the time and made the effort to create the document or presentation for professional and scholarly purposes.

Bergman, M.K. (2001). “The deep Web: Surfacing hidden value.” The Journal of Electronic Publishing, 7(1).
(17 April 2005).

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