Deep Web pt. 2

In order to understand the Deep Web better let’s go back to the beginnings of the good old World Wide Web.  Simply put, the Web started out as an amalgam of fixed web pages that are located by direct access via a web address.  These fixed web pages were typically created by HTML and indexed by web crawlers or spiders that were sent out by common search engines like Google.  As time went on, database technology came into existence and began a new chapter in the electronic information world.

Databases on the web have been growing in size, number and popularity for many years.  The company BrightPlanet concocted the term “deep web” to describe this vast, expanding ocean of searchable databases.  The Deep Web cannot be found by the search engine’s web crawlers because they are either not sophisticated enough to enter them or they are restricted from doing so.  For example, web crawlers cannot see inside the databases that must be accessed by typing a query, or login, or password, or by selecting various search options.  Since the Deep Web cannot be indexed by the web crawlers it is sometimes called the “invisible web” but this is a misnomer.  The information is not invisible; it just has to be accessed differently.  It’s worth learning about too because it has so much to offer.  More next time!

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