Help for public speaking

Have to make a class presentation?  Give a speech?  Lead a group discussion?  Public speaking makes many of us nervous and most of us have room for improvement.  Where does the library come in?  We have resources to help you!  The library has a wide selection of books on public speaking and related subjects such as debating, lecturing, political oratory and rhetorical criticism.  An all around great pick is the Speaker’s Lifetime Library.  It contains more than 150 subject headings with suggested quotations, definitions, anecdotes, witticisms and epigrams.  Part two is a collection of “Apt Comparisons” which provides a quick guide to similes, metaphors, symbols and opposites that can help you paint a more interesting picture for your listeners.  The third part of the book is the “Day and Date Book” with past events, birthdays, holidays, and notable quotations for each day of the year.  And lastly the book includes speech material for all different types of occasions.  This is available in the reference section at the Murdock Learning Resource Center.  We’ll see you at the library!

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