Indexing over 26 million hours of video, Blinkx claims to be the largest and most advanced video search engine.  It uses advanced conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis software technology developed at Cambridge University and protected by 111 patents.

You can search for video content or browse Blinkx by subject which include categories like world news, entertainment, business, sport, music, education, gaming, and more.  Channel browsing is an option too.  The link for these browsing options is located just to the right of the search box.

If you would like updates on the big videos of the day then you can subscribe to “Blinkx updates” and receive a daily email report.  In addition, you can set up feeds for specific searches or individual channels.

Other things you can do with Blinkx:

  • create personal video playlists
  • email videos to your friends
  • build a customized “video wall” for your blog or MySpace page

Unfortunately, since you cannot create an account, there is no way to save your video playlist on Blinkx for later viewing.  I also found the “play all” feature for “My video playlist” was not what I expected.  I would like to be able to select a bunch of videos for my playlist, click “play all”, and have them begin playing one right after the other.  However, it is not automated and you will have to prompt each video individually to play in its entirety.  OK, that’s my two cents worth.  Check it out and enjoy!

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