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Why Not?

Written by: on May 16, 2013

My strengths finder test indicated that I am a creator/pioneer.  That was my guess even as I was reading the book Stand Out by Marcus Buckingham.   The results show that I am constantly inventing and initiating.  I thrive on challenges that break the confines of how most people generally think and enjoy looking beyond normal practices and patterns.   Rather than being overwhelmed by the complexities of life, a person like me is energized by finding the patterns underlying those complexities and can actually explain why it is so and where it will lead.  The analyst part of me is constantly working helping me understand what happened and why.    I am stimulated and enthused by my creations.  Each accomplishment motivates me to move on to the next.

As a pioneer, trail-blazing is my trait; always optimistic and never troubled by uncertainty.   Everything does not necessarily have to be laid out clearly for me to get started. My greater concern is about moving forward and maintaining impetus.  The ‘new world’ that I constantly envision and pursue with passion makes me more curious than critical.

This assessment has helped dispel certain doubts and difficulties I have had in working with teams. It gives me confidence moving forward, however, with some intentional efforts to change my ways in certain areas of my life and leadership role.   

1.       I recognize the need to seek increased help in placing systems in place as I move along   and not lose sight of practicalities.

2.       I recognize the need to efficiently communicate new ideas, steps, expectations, results and conclusions, ensuring that the team understands.  I recognize the need to do this in a timely manner.

3.       Duly recognize other team members  who help get my work done and are desperately trying to catch up with me.

4.       Help others understand my need for time in decision making.

5.       Continue to keep co-players encouraged, motivated and rewarded. 

I believe doing the above will enhance my leadership capabilities and also make my team more powerful, purposeful and productive.

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