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Written by: on May 16, 2013

While sitting in my office yesterday, preparing for a meeting in which I will be running on Thursday, two key concepts came to mind.  One, how can I be a catalyst for positive well organized change. And two, how can I connect others in a significant way that will further growth in leaders inside as well as outside the Project Renovation community. Little did I know I was following what Marcus Buckingham and his research says are my two greatest values to the team.

This past week while reading “Stand Out” by Marcus Buckingham I was made aware of the two key values I bring to the table while working in team.  The assessment scored my primary value as equalizer and my secondary contribution as connector.  The following are insights gained and pondering for each of these two categories.

Equalizer… My primary contribution is defined as, “You are a level headed person whose power comes from keeping the world in balance, ethically and practically.”  I would agree one hundred percent with the outcome of this assessment.  For years, those around me, whether in the hospital or in ministry positions have continued to point out that I bring stability where there is chaos. I enjoy bringing order to where disorder abounds.  Practically speaking, I realize that for change to occur in any organization, disequilibrium needs to be allowed.  Often, I wrestle with allowing this disequilibrium and want to bring stability quicker then what is beneficial for the organization.  Balance being the key.

Connector… My secondary contribution is defined as, “You are a catalyst.  Your power lies in your craving to bring two people or ideas together to make something bigger and better than it is now.” Connector and creator scored equal as my secondary contributions, however I see more of the connector strength in my overall leadership style.  Over the years, many have told me that I bring many varying people together in which otherwise would never be connected.  Community and connection of the broader body of Christ is extremely essential to me.  Though I love connecting others, I realized while reading that I need to take more initiative in connecting those outside my immediate circles. Such as planning intentional trips to key conferences for the purpose of networking and connecting.

Tomorrow…  while I lead the meeting, I will be more intentional about these two categories, as well as the strengths of those sitting around the table from me.

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