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Those Who Love

Written by: on June 27, 2018

Once upon a time

a boxer and a saint fight

screams! Death to the saint.


Fires rage, saints die

boxers rage more war with saints

seas of blood run wide.


Saints love orphans well.

Boxers kill the ones who love.

Who is left to love?


A country mourns deep

as the ones who love are dead.

God cries for His saints.


Tears are shed for loss.

No one wins the war they fought

when those who love die

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Jennifer Dean-Hill

6 responses to “Those Who Love”

  1. Stu Cocanougher says:

    Gee. This is legit poetry. I’m impressed.

    You really communicate the essence of the books. We’ll done.

  2. mm Katy Drage Lines says:

    “No one wins the war they fought
    when those who love die”

    What a way to end an excellent epic poem. I wonder… what happened to Bao when his life was spared? I want to imagine that Vibiana’s sacrifice convicted him and he took up the task of living love.

  3. Lynda Gittens says:


    Beautiful capture of one spirit of the book. The poem is beautiful.

  4. Mary Walker says:

    Beautifully done, Jen.
    One wonders just what the message(s) were that Yang was trying to get across. The book saddened me in many ways.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!!

  5. Jim Sabella says:

    Well done, Jenn! See you in Hong Kong!

  6. Kristin Hamilton says:

    This is beautiful, Jen! I love,
    “No one wins the war they fought
    when those who love die”
    It’s a sad comment on the way war tears people apart.

    (I wish I had thought to do multiple stanzas, BTW!)

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