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“Theology and Human Relationships”

Written by: on October 12, 2012

It has been said that theology is simply what one believes to be true about God. One thought is that God is very relational. Not only is He involved in a personal relationship with humans, but he is concerned with how they interact with one another. Below are two examples of human interaction that we often experience daily.


Theology and Friendship

Some friends are closer than blood relatives. Good friends are great to have but can be hard to come by. There is nothing like enjoying a great conversation over a cup of coffee. Within this atmosphere people feel the release to be themselves and let loose a bit. Perhaps one of the best benefits of friendship is being truthful with one another. Here is where true friendship is revealed. Yet, this can be taken to an extreme. In today’s culture, some have created an idol of friendship in choosing to value what a friend thinks about them more than compulsion to confront necessary issues and speak the truth in love. To be true friends, people do not have to agree on everything. Friendships should be stronger and deeper than always having to agree on everything or having to be a “yes” person.

Theology and the Needy

Another aspect of relationships that God cares about is that those who are less well-off be looked after. God is deeply compassionate toward the widows, the orphans, and the aliens. Throughout world history and indeed the Old Testament, God’s favor is granted to anyone who intentionally takes care of the needs of the less fortunate. Today local and federal governments provide aid to assist families and individuals whose existences depend on it. It is also the responsibility of God’s people on a very personal level to extend help to the poor and needy. We must not forget about them.


Human relationships are important to God, whether they are with good friends or with the poor and needy. We can expect that God will present us with the opportunities to both speak the truth in love and to demonstrate love by providing others with a hand up in life.

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