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Let’s talk about what really matters.

By: on April 5, 2019

If you can suspend your bias and personal belief (and maybe your identity) to read through the text Two Views on Women in Ministry, you would likely finish with the perspective of, “I could be either a complementarian or an egalitarian.” This is because the biblical scholars have argued through Old and New Testament Scriptures…


from an AG perspective

By: on April 4, 2019

What an exciting last run of books for us to end on! I am truly excited to dive into the blogs this week and see how all of you are wrong. just kidding __ Growing up in the Assemblies of God I have seen many women ministers, all of whom I have considered very effective…



By: on April 4, 2019

“What does the word ‘ordain-able’ mean? It literally means, ‘possesses a penis,’”…“It does not mean, ‘is currently in seminary, has graduated with an M.Div,” or master’s in divinity, “‘and has gone before a licensure committee.’”[1] It’s no surprise that this week’s text by James R. Beck, Two Views of Women in Ministry, is controversial, emotionally…


Are we asking the right questions?

By: on April 4, 2019

At one time Two Views on Women in Ministry would have kindled my interest and passion. I was the first man to enroll in the first Women in Leadership course at my seminary when such topics were controversial in 1989, and when my evangelical institution was pioneering new ways of considering traditional texts which relegated…


Male + Female = The Complete Image of God

By: on April 3, 2019

Obviously, everyone knows this topic is near and dear to my heart, which is why I’m devoting my dissertation research and future to advocating for women to equally lead alongside men. Being married to an amazing female leader and working with many gifted females over the years has emboldened my passion to help close this…


Is Gender Nearly Irrelevant?

By: on April 3, 2019

A few statements from our DMin have been forever etched in my memory. “God is queer” started it off, and “Jesus is egalitarian” followed later. I have worked past the first but am still a work-in-progress on the second. Similarly, in a later Zoom discussion, it was mentioned, “The Bible is egalitarian.” I have already…


While we are at it…….

By: on April 3, 2019

It has only been legal for 100 years in the U.S. It’s not too late to repeal the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. In the UAE it is illegal for most women to drive, imagine the reduction in traffic congestion and even carbon emissions if we prevent women from driving. Why stop at…


An Egalitarian in a Complimentarian World

By: on April 3, 2019

Welcome to the montage of Christian dialogue – a blistering didactic that bears the scars of experience, the endless boxes of research and the ultimate quest for conversion. We’ve all starred into our opponent’s eyes – peering into their soul and questioning the validity of their argument. However, most of us have not sought to…


Who’s on Your Wing?

By: on April 3, 2019

James Beck’s Two Views on Women in Ministry offers the egalitarian and complementarian sides of an evolving inside-outside church debate over whether women should have equal access as men to all church leadership positions. In short, the book says the debate needs more time to solve issues, become more irenic, and review new ideas.[1] I…


Only twelve followers but a high level of retweets

By: on September 27, 2012

My church has an own Facebook account for six month now. It was hard to convince the church board of the purpose and sense of this new media endeavor. My point was quite obvious, to me social media profiles are unavoidable in our high technological and interconnected world. We have to rather discuss the HOW…