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African foundations

By: on September 6, 2017

Thomas Oden in his book ‘How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind’ encourages readers to reconsider the foundations of Christian thought.  He argues that much has been lost by the European ethnocentrism of Christian teaching.  Neglecting the significant theological contributions of the early Christians based on the African continent negates the importance of their insights and…


Why do we act like Origen and Augustine spoke German?

By: on June 2, 2017

It may not have been his intent, but Thomas C. Oden’s How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind left me wondering why non-Western cultures are generally viewed as less intellectual and intuitive than those from the West. I’ve noticed this bias in myself when reading works by Origen and Augustine (and other early Christian scholars), in…


Africa, or How the Holy Spirit has cared for the Church

By: on May 31, 2017

In an interview with Christianity Today Thomas Oden said that he dreamed that his epitaph would read: “He made no new contribution to theology.” The dream somehow said to me …that my calling as a theologian could be fulfilled through obedience to apostolic tradition.”[1] Mourned by many, Thomas C. Oden went to be with the…