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Standout Assessment for David Toth

Written by: on May 15, 2013

The StandOut assessment returned the following results for David A Toth: Equalizer / Connector.  I agree with the assessment, it does seem like me; both functions reflect my lifestyle modus operandi.  I appreciated the assessment process.  It was clear and easy to accomplish.  I particularly liked the 35 second response time which causes one to engage and reply without becoming too anal about seeing oneself!  I also like the sensitivity to people and relationships as opposed to task and mission, though task and mission were not marginalized.  I also observed that the assessment is very concerned about communication style between parties.  There seems to be a direct link between how certain personality types would respond and consequently reflect the functional categories.  
The “You Begin” summary tells me to utilize my connecting strength and I couldn’t agree more.  However, I found this section lacking because it did not provide insights regarding the ”equalizer” function which was my highest ranking function!  How does the connector and the equalizer find symbiosis?  I have some ideas but it would have been instructive for the assessment to provide insights since that is the purpose of the assessment!  This is a major flaw!  If I direct someone to this assessment, could it be that their summary will not address their primary function as well?  If so, this greatly diminishes the value of it.
Overall I liked the process and I believe it was fairly accurate in determining my primary functional strengths.  However, it failed to give an applicational summary that accurately reflects both strengths.  I would like to see this fixed and then I could recommend it to others.

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