DMin, Leadership and Global Perspectives: Crafting Ministry in an Interconnected World

Written by: on October 11, 2012

Some quotes by David F. Ford out of the video:

“What a theology department is about is trying to do is lead people to think as well as possible  about the questions that are raised.”

“When I was in Ruanda last Christmas, we came up on people who had survived that 1994 genocide, where a million people were killed. Partly what had happened and why so many religious people were caught on it was it turned out that their tribe was more important than their God. To study the history of theology is to realize that certainly in the great abrahamic faith the issue of idolatry has been absolutely central. What do you put really first in your life? The questions of wisdom about that, discernment about that will go on being raised and need to be raised in our public life’s as well as in our private life’s.”


“Who will do theology? Those who are gripped by the questions and who desire to pursue understanding, knowledge and wisdom by trying to answer them responsibly.”

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