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Sex and Skimming Practice

Written by: on October 18, 2017

If the title was enough to grab you it will be necessary to dig a little to find inferences to sex, but they are there.  Happy reading! I think Jason put this book on our list to give us all practice at skimming.  I read or didn’t read, or forgot I read this text wondering how on earth I was going to be able to post anything near the 1000 word requirement on a book that made me want to scratch my eyes out.  I struggled and searched to find valuable insights that may help me on this journey of doctoral studies and discovered that according to this text I need to do the following:  1. Keep my place of study well lit and ventilated.  2. It shouldn’t be either too hot or too cold.  3. I’ll need a flat surface like a desk or a table to lay out my books, paper and computer. 4. I’ll need an appropriate chair so I can work at my flat surface. 5. Finally, I’ll need a place where I won’t be disturbed by other people.1

This is a discussion I have with my freshmen students during the 1st week of class and then never address it again.  There had to be something else or I would struggle even to get to 250 words.  {For the record and to take up more words……I sit at a desk (flat surface except when cluttered) in my bedroom (nice temperature and environment, not even the dog is allowed in my bedroom) so that when I’m studying late at night I’m still near my beloved (sometimes a distraction depending on what she wears to bed).  It is below a window (good light & ventilation) and I have a desk lamp (not too bright so I don’t keep her awake….at least by studying) and a strong set of reading glasses (required now because of age and nasty Hebrew study). That little parenthetical sidebar utilized 110 words!}

SQ3R is useful but not revelatory and something I have been teaching and using with undergraduate students for several years.  The instruction regarding pursuit of main ideas found in a text was also useful but seemed repetitive and similar in nature to much of the past 2 texts.  So, I did Survey (‘S’) the entire text as much as possible on my Kindle for Mac.  For ‘Q’ the biggest question I came up with was; “Why am I reading this?” I made an attempt at ‘deep’ reading and found a little more useful material in being reminded to be alert to the main ideas found throughout the text, both large ideas uncovered in a chapter and smaller thoughts evident in individual paragraphs or sections.  I guess it’s possible that I could Review and Recall the book if I only remembered having read it.

In the meantime, I will endeavor to straighten my workspace to ensure a flat surface, maintain sufficient lighting and keep my reading glasses handy.  I will also try with all my might not to be distracted by the sleeping beauty lying five feet from my desk chair. Not much chance of that though. I am ever hopeful that ‘Visual Ethnography’ will offer greater usable material, at least to complete the upcoming assignment.


Rowntree, Derek. LEARN HOW TO STUDY: Developing the study skills and approaches to learning that will help you succeed in university: A virtual tutorial with Professor Derek Rowntree (Kindle Locations 1466-1469). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

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