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Napkins are for More than Drinks

Written by: on May 23, 2013

This week’s assignment was to produce a drawing on a napkin using the ideas and skills set forth in Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam.  I was intrigued by the idea and once I got into the book I was excited to try out his process for visualizing problems and ideas.  

I created a Visual Thinking Codex and decided on using three plots: Who/What, How and Why.  Take a moment and decide what you think the general idea of the napkin is.



What did you come up with?

 My napkin idea stems from a current problem in my ministry that will also be the focus of my dissertation.  We have 8 churches that deeply engage in ministry in South Africa, which includes supporting two missionaries. We’re all from different cities and states. Not every church has a mission minister or someone who is trained to facilitate/coordinate their short-term mission trips. How does our network standardize our trainings, goals and processes so that we can make the most appropriate difference/transformation in South Africa, as well as in our own churches?

This napkin hopefully provides such a path.  I want to create an easy to use, ‘just push play,’ set of trainings. They’ll include, video, print and web components that can easily be accessed and utilized. The content will include cross-cultural learning, the shift of global Christianity, history, goals, logistics and more.

So, is my napkin up to the task, or should it just be used to wipe up some spilt Spanish wine or German beer?

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