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Written by: on May 17, 2013

My Standout Assessment Report based on the book by Marcus Buckingham revealed that my first strength is as a “Stimulator” and my second is as a “Provider.”  The greatest value I bring to the team is: “You make the exciting safe.”

As I read through the results of the assessment I couldn’t stop from laughing because it did seem to peg me fairly well.  As a “Stimulator” I am a high energy person who likes to raise the electricity in the room and tend to see life as a “stage.”  As a “Provider” I am non-judgmental, fiercely loyal and compassionate.  I have a keen insight to peoples’ emotions and strive to lift and inspire others.

Areas that I need to watch out for are making sure I don’t try to solve all of the issues, and taking down time so that I don’t “crash.”

My third highest strength is “Teacher.”  Since this is my profession, and one that I thoroughly enjoy, it makes sense that this ranked high.  However, I do see my primary role in the classroom as one of “Stimulator” as I have realized that if the students are not having fun and are not engaged with the information they will not enjoy nor retain the knowledge.  In many of my student’s assessments of me they use the phrase “passionate about the topic.”  I also enact the role of “Provider,” for those students who become distracted or demotivated due to personal issues, so that they can achieve success in completing the course.

According to the Standout Assessment ways to “Challenge” me are to:

  • Put me in high-stakes situations in which I have to win over clients, peers or senior executives
  • Give me the broken-down and disheartened team, where trust has crumbled and conflict reigns. I can help them recover.
  • The bigger the stage the better. Set me up for high-profile presentations with demanding audiences.

These are basically what I do in my classes each semester as well as at meetings and events.  Overall, I see life as a great stage full of color, dreams and beauty.  I feel compelled to help others realize their own goodness and have fun. I take the scripture, “O taste and see that God is good…” as literal. 🙂

This assessment affirmed me in many ways, and also reminded me of the areas I already knew about that needed my attention.  By reminding me of my strengths it gave me a surge of confidence in how I currently teach, minister and live life.  It also inspired me to remember to rejuvenate and refresh myself as well as build a good “family” around me.

Buckingham, Marcus. Standout: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution. Nashville, Tenn: Thomas Nelson, 2011.

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