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Jesus says “Go.” Church says “Come.”

Written by: on May 23, 2013

The problem that I wanted to identify and clarify is the difference in function between a “come” ministry and a “go” ministry.  So, using the look, see, imagine, show process I began to draw.  (I am one of the “’I can’t draw, but…’ people, otherwise known as the Yellow Pen people (or highlighters) because they’re often very good at identifying the most important or interesting aspects of what someone else has drawn.”  pg. 24)  I am NOT a drawing type person!  But, I am pleased to find out that even the most simple drawings can communicate.  Roam is right!  That process then led to further clarification by applying the Objects, Quantities, Position in Space, Position in Time, Influence (cause and effect), and finally the why.  All of those are not readily recognizable in my drawings, but most are.  
The “SQVID” reminders were very helpful!  In my drawings I chose Simple, Quality, Vision, Comparison, and Change.  I continued to scribble and soon went through 6 folded pieces of letter sized paper folded in half.  That provided 4 napkin sized frames per piece of paper!  Eventually the ideas and pictures started to come into my “mind’s eye” and then they made it to the paper.  
I really enjoyed the book and I do believe I will use the approach often when I need to communicate an idea, even when I feel confident that I can communicate it verbally!  The added value of the picture can only contribute as long as I am careful not to add detail which does not fit.
  • napkin one:     traditional church ministry says, “come to grow”
  • napkin two:     “come” ministry focuses on growing big head through the inside activities of preaching, teaching, groups, etc.
  • napkin four:     “go” ministry uses inside activities to equip, teach, inspire, train in order to prepare people to go
  • napkin five:     “come” ministry focus on head while “go” ministry engages whole person in real life activity
  • napkin six:     “go” ministry focuses on head (knowledge), heart (wisdom and passion), hands & feet (action)
  • napkin seven:     “come” ministry does not immediately impact daily life (symbolized by the house), “go” ministry penetrates daily life as a natural matter of course
*Roam, Dan (2009-12-31). The Back of the Napkin (Expanded Edition): Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures . Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition. 

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